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best paint stripper reviews

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Removing old paint from your walls might seem like something that’s impossible to do without bringing damage to the sheetrock. And if the material in question is glass, things could be even trickier.

You wouldn’t want to break or scratch anything. The easiest way to avoid this is by utilizing tools or solutions that are specifically built for removing paint of all kinds. This can entail spray paint, whitewash, or even some wood sealers.

There are five products tasked with doing this that are shown below, each having powerful attributes that you’ll love to have around when the time comes for you to get stubborn paint off of virtually anything.

Because of the subject nature of this article, it’s very important that you read the Buyer’s Guide before making your final choice of which product to buy. Two with top recommendations are shown at the end.

Best Paint Strippers for Wood – Top 5

Top 5 Paint Stripping Products Reviewed

1. PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun, 1500-Watt (PC1500HG) – Best Paint Remover for Wood Furniture (Editor’s Choice)


The Porter-Cable is a heating gun that will remove paint from almost any surface. It heats up the paint, whereby you must use a scraper of some sort to pull it off (other products in the reviews may help you with this). But on its own, it’s highly recommended. Setting it up is very easy, as everything that you’ll need to use it successfully is included with the gun itself. That is, at least most things. There’s no fan nozzle sold with it. You’ll have to get one if you want to concentrate the heat to specific areas of the paint that you’re removing. The construction of the device is very durable.

It’s almost like a power saw, although much lighter in weight. It weighs only one pound, so picking it up and using it for long intervals won’t irritate your arms or hands.

This may also contribute to the way it prevents the hands from generating sweat, even though the upper portion of it will get quite warm to the touch. And when you’re ready to set it down, simply put it in an upright position, or with the back supporting the rest of the device.

Interesting to Know

Time for heating usually takes only a few seconds before it’s ready to be used. You’ll never have to wait more than a minute. The only thing that may become a problem is the power cable. It’s well built but very short, measuring only about six feet in length.

Unless you use a suitable extension cable with the heater, you may not be able to reach the areas that you wish to heat up. Be sure to purchase one with this product if you’re sold on it.


  • Very durable on the outside; built to last a long time.
  • Doesn’t leave the palms sweaty when held for long periods; easy to hold.
  • It can support its own weight and be sat upright.
  • Heats up in only a few seconds.


  • Short power cable.

2. Wagner Spray Tech Wagner 0513040 PaintEater, 1, Yellow – Best Paint Remover for Wood Deck (People’s Choice)


Wagner Spray Tech Wagner 0513040 is a paint remover. The mechanism is electronic, operated by a spinning scraper that looks similar to a buffer. You could probably use one with this machine when you’re not removing paint, doubling its use for alternative purposes once the scraping job’s over. But for getting rid of point, you’re in great hands.

As described, this is electronic and powered. In order to remove paint, you can use a heater to “prime” it first, or try your luck to see if it comes off without needing to be warmed. Whichever way you choose to go about this, it’s guaranteed that the paint will separate from the surface that is being worked on.

If that happens to be wood, then you’re going to love the way that it never affects or alters the subsurface of the paint. This might be a little surprising to now, but use it and you’ll see that no scratches will show in the wood at all.

You can also take off paint from glass surfaces this way. Take a look at the photos of the product shown in the description link. Do you see the little handle on the side? This will enable you to operate it with only one hand if you choose to do so.

However, going about the job this way could make it take a bit longer, but less annoying sensations on both hands. Another great attribute lies in the material the product is built from. Heat won’t ever become an issue as the motor’s temperature is never raised to the point where it would cause you to want to put it down.

Interesting to Know

You’ve probably figured this out already, but the sander will need to be replaced after a few rounds. You can finish off a project with it but look into buying more if anticipating using this machine on a daily basis. You don’t want to be in the middle of a work session, just to find that no paint comes off.

Washing the scraper might allow it to go on for a bit longer, however. In the end, Wagner spray tech is ideal for anyone that wants to rid old paint off the walls without breaking a sweat in the process.


  • Will never scratch up the surface underneath the paint.
  • The handle strap allows users to grasp the product with only one hand, if necessary.
  • It doesn’t get too hot, even when used for over an hour.


  • Sander will not last long.

3. Bates- Paint Scraper, 5 Pc Scraper Tool, Putty Knife Set, Putty Knife, Painting Tools, 5 in 1 Tool, Spackle Knife, Wallpaper Scraper, Painters Tool, Crown Molding Tool, Paint Remover for Wood, Scraper – Best Paint Remover for Wood Cabinets


The Bates Paint Scraper Set is a five-piece toolset that primarily serves as a way to remove paint and debris from walls. Taking off paint from the glass with these is doable but you may way to try out a heating gun (shown above) under this situation. Keep in mind that all of these are hand-operated; there are no electronics involved with their use as individual pieces. Knowing this, Bates is recommended for those who prefer to take off the paint with old fashioned methods. For some surfaces, this is the most feasible way. But where does it work best?

Have you noticed any old paint around the corners of your windows, or on wooden walls/fixtures soon to be repainted? Removing the old remnants can be very tricky, or nearly impossible. Even an automatic scraper cannot reach everywhere.

For areas such as these, the tools shown here will quickly pull off paint from awkward sections when other methods fail. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about the metal portions rusting over. Try to store them in a location that’s not damp if you can for an even lesser chance of the tools corroding.

Important to Know

Again, water should be avoided when storing these tools. You not, the wood may end up breaking before the metal ages. For a handle, one would expect them to be a little tougher than they are. Yet keeping them in a dry location away from the aging element will ensure that nothing ever breaks, fails, or chips away.


  • Some of the tools can be used for purposes other than scraping paint.
  • Works well in hard-to-reach corners that would be difficult to do with a power tool.
  • The blades will stay rust-free so long as they are stored correctly.


  • The wooden handles may chip and break, especially if they come into prolonged contact with water.

4. FOSHIO 2PCS Yellow Plastic Razor Paint Scrapers Removers with Contoured Grip – Best Wood Stripper for Old Paint


The Foshio is a plastic razor set that’s also manually operated. But unlike the scraper shown above, this one doesn’t have a huge dependency on heaters. Using one with the tool wouldn’t hurt, but you might not need it at all. Looking at the photos, you’ll see that the product is operated by holding the arched handle with one hand.

A razor blade is provided at the tip. All one must do to scrape off the paint is pushed forward with their arms, and any paint in the razor’s path will come right off. And best of all, you can change out the razors when one of them begins to dull.

There are 100 of them provided with the handle. Running out isn’t something that’s likely to happen any time in the near future. It’s a very simple scraping tool that’ll separate paint and old wood sealers from the surface, with minimal damage being taken. Try not to press down too hard on the working surface, just to be sure that nothing underneath breaks off with the razor.

And more importantly, use some sort of hand protection if you’re not accustomed to operating sharp tools of this manner! The Foshio is recommended to anyone that wants a paint remover, or for some alternative purpose that doesn’t involve taking off paint at all. Razor blades are handy for lots of things that go well beyond making repairs. Consider getting this to go along with one of the other products shown in the list.


  • It contains 100 extra razor blades with handles.
  • The arch in both handles adds a bit of grip during scraping.
  • Detaches from the razors quickly.
  • Useful for removing paint as well as various glues and fillers.


  • Easy to scratch glass if not careful.

5. Sunnyside Corporation 66432 Ready-Strip Paint Overspray & Spatters Remover, Quart Trigger Spray – Best Chemical Paint Remover for Wood


The Sunnyside Corporation Ready-Strip Paint Overspray is great for removing paint from concrete and brick surfaces. You can also use it on wood or sheetrock and all of the paint would quickly come off. It doesn’t matter how old the paint is, either.

However, you will need something to get it off with. If you are removing paint from concrete or brick, using a wire brush could suffice. Just For other surfaces, a scrubber might work better. Remember, much of this product’s effectiveness is based on the way in which are scrub or peel it off.

The chemical makeup of the spray is non-toxic. You still shouldn’t use it around small children and pets. But there are no strong smells that come from the bottle as you spray. A small odor will linger but quickly goes away after five minutes or less. It also won’t irritate your eyes. Still, use precautions just to be sure that none of the liquid end up on your face or skin.

While the spray is great for removing paints of all kinds, it’s especially useful at raising up graffiti. Old work might not come up entirely and you most certainly will have to use elbow grease to see good results. But if you want to avoid putting down a fortune to remove graffiti by hiring professionals, this is the best route to take.

  • Easily takes spatter out of all wood types.
  • The formula is non-toxic and doesn’t cause irritation to the eyes; light odor.
  • Safe to use on concrete surfaces.
  • I can get up both old and new paints, including some spray paint.


  • Some residue could be left behind.

Buyer’s Guide

This section covers tips that’ll narrow down the choices that are best for your paint removal.

Getting the Best Paint Stripper

If you haven’t done so already, finish the reviews. After reading you may notice something about the products, which is that most of them can be used in tune with the other. For example, purchasing the heater could assist you with all the other products shown. If you’re thinking about getting the scraper, then the heater spray solution aids in removing more paint than any one product could. When you’re trying to take the paint off of walls, trying out various methods until finding a solution that works best is something recommended.

If such is the case for your situation, then you couldn’t go wrong with any of the products evaluated. Try out different combinations to see which product (or products) result in a better paint removal job.

What to use for Spray Paint

Whether you need to remove spray paint because of someone’s vandalism or another purpose, knowing what to get beforehand will save you the risk of buying the wrong product. First, take note of the surface that the paint rests on. Is it concrete, asphalt, brick, or wood?

For concrete, asphalt, and brick, you should use a solution that can work into the crevices of the material. Some people may have the impression that taking spray paint from rough surfaces can’t be done without the assistance of a professional. This isn’t the case for today.

Solutions (such as the one shown in the reviews) will do this but you must rely on other tools to get as much as you can. For instance, a wire brush is great for this. Strong enough to remove the paint but easy on the dense mortar, you’ll notice hardly any paint when the work is done. Getting spray paint off of wood surfaces might involve some of the other products shown, such as scrapers. Scrapers, heaters, and spray might be worth trying also.

Best Way to Use Paint Remover without Damaging Wood

If you want to avoid scratching up the surface that lies behind the paint that you’re removing, then you should check to see which products shown will most gently touch it. The electronic buffer can do a good job of this. The end that touches the wall is made of a removable scraping material. It feels almost similar to a normal buffer but slightly softer. But it does work.

A few of the manual hand tools are good too but only to the point of the user’s strength. If you think that you’ll press down on the surface too hard when you scrape (with one of the tool pieces), then expect to see a few dents and scratches, particularly if you’re dealing with wood. Sheetrock shouldn’t be too big of an issue unless you don’t have anything to fill in the spots that aren’t level.

Other Uses from Paint-Removing Products

Once you’re done getting paint off the walls, don’t settle for that alone. Just about every product shown here could be very useful for some alternative projects that you’re working on. The heater could serve as a great way to remove paint and sealer from wood furniture. Going over each of the tool pieces described in the toolset shows that not all of them are tasked entirely for removing paint. One of them is specifically for smoothing out putty and filler. And another (from the same brand) has a pick at the end for clawing out the old filler and glue substances.

What to Wear during Paint Removal

Removing paint, like any large-scale task done at home, must be done with safety in mind. The product features will send small particles of paint into the air, which could easily get into your lungs if you’re not wearing any nose protection. Is the house that you’re working on very old? If so, it would be wise to test the paint for arsenic and other substances that were used a long time ago but are dangerous. Be sure to also protect and your eyes if you can.

Goggles are easy to find anywhere and usually sold cheaply. Anything involving sharp tools that are pointed or have a razor-sharp edge should be handled with protective gloves. Never put yourself or any of your body parts in front of the heat gun, especially when you’re using it at full power.

Summary/Conclusion/Best Picks

Best Choice
PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun, 1500-Watt (PC1500HG)
PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun, 1500-Watt (PC1500HG)
Best Paint Stripper for Wood Overall (Editor's Choice)

  • Very durable on the outside; built to last a long time.
  • Doesn't leave the palms sweaty when held for long periods; easy to hold.
  • It can support its own weight and be sat upright.
  • Heats up in only a few seconds.

Read Verified Customer Reviews

Are you ready to choose? If so, make double sure that you understand the product that you’re buying. All five of them will make it easier for you to get up old paint but vary as to the methods (and combinations) to which they’ll be most effective. Still, there are two shown in the reviews that you could use for any purpose, no matter if it involves taking off graffiti from concrete or peeling off sealer from a wooden door.

The Porter-Cable Heat Gun and Wagner 0513040, shown as the first and second protects, are built to automate much of the physical work that comes from redding walls of paint. Yet don’t view this as an unspoken criticism of the rest.

The other three products (a spray, scraping tool, and toolset) have outstanding features, some of which could work well in combination with the first two. Use the tips shown in the Buyer’s Guide to help you choose, then prepare swiftly erase all the old paint in your home or work project!

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