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Best Wood Carving Tools Reviews

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Wood carving is a time-honored art form. For many centuries, the most popular choice among hobbyists and experts alike has been to use hand tools. While hand tools have significant advantages, some enthusiasts have found ways to bring new life into wood carving by adding power to the traditional process with the best wood carving tools.

Best Wood Carving Tools Reviews

There are many different types of tools for wood carving. It is best to decide on which kind of tool you would like to start by considering your strengths and weaknesses and the type of wood you want to carve. Below you can find the list of the best wood carving tools available on the market with their benefits and things to consider when choosing them for your needs.

Top 5 Wood Carving Tools

1. Best Overall: Schaaf 12-Piece Wood Carving Tools

Are you a wood carving expert and looking for the best tools to start your new work? Look no further than this 12-piece set. From hardwood ash and European-style octagonal handles to high carbon stainless steel, each instrument is made from alloy chromium-vanadium steel and hardened to Rockwell C60 so blades will hold an edge for a long time and won’t dull quickly with repeated use. These can be used as beginner tools as well as those seasoned professionals.

Professionals of art and hobby will find great use of these tools. Wood is alive, and you can easily bring life to it by using these tools. Using this set will help you get your work right. Don’t forget to read the instruction manual carefully before using them because you don’t want to damage your tools while learning at the same time.

2. Best For Beginners: Lulu Home 16-Piece Wood Carving Tools

Many woodworkers have their favorite tools for different tasks, but the Lulu Home 16-Piece Wood Carving Tools Set may be one of the most all-inclusive toolsets you’ll find.

It has a mallet, long shaft carving tools, short palm knives, and a file. All of these can be found in a black canvas bag that conveniently stores them all together in an organized way that is easy to carry around your shop or home workshop. The grinding stone included is helpful for sharpening any of these tools when they start to become blunt with use.

There’s a lot to like about this particular Lulu Home woodcarving tools set. The mallet is a solid workhorse, while the long shaft carving tools cover all the bases for carving and woodworking. The short palm knives are great for detailed work, while the file provides a light touch when you need it.

3. Best Value: FLEXCUT 6-Piece Mallet-Carving Chisels & Gouges Set

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to begin a project only to find that your tools are too dull or too ineffective. Nothing can derail creativity and momentum like a tool that simply doesn’t work. That’s why the Flexcut six-piece mallet carving chisels and gouges set such a godsend for woodworkers at any level of experience.

The set includes four standard gouges, a roughing gouge for rough work, and two rounded-corner chisels. With these, you can carve hardwoods as well as other dense or large projects with ease.

Razor-sharp hard carbon steel blades are ready to use right out of the package, and they hold a sharp edge without a problem, even after hours of carving. The ash handles are highly resistant to cracking or breaking and won’t splinter when you drive them home with a mallet.

These chisels and gouges are designed for those who prefer the feel of wood in their hands as they work. The handles make it easy to drive them with a mallet or your hand as needed, and the wood absorbs the impact of your cuts to minimize fatigue.

4. Best For DIY Projects: AUGSUN 20-Piece Wood Carving Knife Set

When it comes to wood carving tools, there is no better set on the market. Striking a balance between power and comfort, this AUGSUN 20-Piece Wood Carving Knife Set is perfect for professional and aspiring woodworkers alike. 

Made of quality carbon steel and electrolytic coating, these knives are strong and sturdy enough for any project and will never rust or dull due to their precision engineering. The ergonomically designed handles allow you to handle long projects comfortably while still maintaining a powerful grip. These knives are also suitable for everyday use and can be used for a variety of projects. 

This set includes twelve different-sized carving knives ranging from a small 3/16 inch to a large ¾ inch, covering all the necessary sizes to complete any project. Plus, this set comes with its own storage case with an exterior pocket for safely storing your knives while they are being used, so they aren’t accidentally thrown away while being cleaned or sharpened.

5. Best For Bowl Crafting: WAYCOM 12-Piece Wood Carving Tools Set

You can’t do any woodworking project without a set of appropriate knives. With the WAYCOM 12-Piece Wood Carving Tools Set you get all the blades you need to work with almost any type of material.

This 12-piece Wood Carving Tool Set is just what you need if you’re looking for an affordable starter kit that will take care of your basic needs. It comes with everything from the various types of knives to polishing compound and leather strops to keep your blades in tip-top shape.

Set includes a paring knife, coping saw, scrape knife, straight chisels, gouge with handle, compass saw, the tapered chisel with handle, gouge without a handle. All pieces are made of high-quality steel to ensure years of reliable performance.

You will get all the knives you need for wood carving, sculpting, and beading projects. High carbon steel blades are durable enough to cut through wood quickly and easily while providing exceptional blade control.

This set is ideal for do-it-yourself materials such as wood, bamboo, plastic, resin, and more. These knives are lightweight, comfortable, and very sharp so they can be used by both professional and novice woodworkers.

Buyer’s Guide

Wood carving tools are a fundamental part of a carver’s workshop. They are an essential addition to your art supplies and they will aid you in any project that requires precision and detail.

Best Wood Carving Tools Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for new wood carving tools or want to replace some old ones, this is the buyer’s guide for you! Here we will look at some different types of wood carving tools as well as their benefits.

What Are Wood Carving Tools?

Wood carving tools are tools used for cutting and shaping wood in the process of making artistic or decorative objects. There are a lot of different kinds of wood carving tools available to use in your projects, including chisels, gouges, scrapers, and knives. If you’re going to work with wood on a regular basis, you’ll likely want to have a few different kinds of these types of carving tools at your disposal.

What Are Wood Carving Tools?

Why Should You Use Wood Carving Tools?

Wood carving tools are great because they make it easier for you to cut and shape the workpiece without hurting yourself in any way. Wood carving tools make it easy to shape the wood and make clean cuts, and they also increase your efficiency as a carver.

If you want to carve something that requires very precise work, such as a vase or other type of bowl, having a good selection of wood carving tools available can help you get professional results.

Types Of Wood Carving Tools Available

There are many types of wood carving tools that you can use for your projects. Most commonly used types of wood carving tools include: chisels, gouges, scrapers, and knives. These kinds of carving tools come in various shapes and sizes, and there are brands available that offer many different types of shapes for these kinds of stamps.


Chisels are usually used for getting a straight line. They can also be used for getting a nice, clean-cut through the wood. These kinds of chisels allow you to get a clean edge on the wood that you’ve been carving, and that edge can then be sanded or smoothed down to perfection. You can use a chisel on any type of wood, and you’ll find that they’re effortless to control and handle, which is excellent for any kind of new carver.

Types Of Wood Carving Tools Available -  Chisels

Carving Gouge

Carving gouges have a wide blade with curves at either edge, so you can get great effects from using them, including round ends on bowls and other types of rounded ends. Carving gouges are most often used to create details, which means you’ll use them a lot in most projects. They’re suitable for making accent marks and engravings on wood, and they can also be used to create a decorative cut in a piece of wood.

Types Of Wood Carving Tools Available -  Carving Gouge


Scrapers are for being used almost anywhere on the workpiece. You can use scrapers for getting just about anything that you want from your workpiece, including lines, small pieces of wood that you might want to remove, or that just need smoothing down before finishing the piece with a smoother or sanding paper. Scrapers come in different sizes and shapes and allow carvers to complete their work cleanly and quickly.

Types Of Wood Carving Tools Available -  Scrapers

Scrapers can be used for working on wood, clay, drywall, and even concrete. These scrapers are great for any new carver because they allow you to get perfect results every single time.


Knives can be used for a lot of different tasks and for making many different kinds of carvings. There are many different kinds of knives, and you can usually tell just by looking at them based on the shape and size. The most common type of knife that you’ll find at your local hardware store is usually just called a wood carving knife.

Types Of Wood Carving Tools Available -  Knives

You can also get special types of knives that feature many different shapes and sizes, such as fluted chisels or even serrated blades, which allow you to make really neat cuts, like those on bowls and other types of curved objects.

Benefits Of Wood Carving Tools

Wood carving tools are excellent for almost every single carver because they make it easier for you to get the job done. If you’re new to wood carving, then these kinds of tools can help you a lot as you’re learning how to carve and getting a feel for different types of wood that you might be using. Tools like carving knives or gouges allow even the most inexperienced carvers to get professional results because they’re easy to use and very forgiving.

Benefits Of Wood Carving Tools

If you’re a professional carver or looking at doing any kind of commission, then having a good selection of wood carving tools can help make your life as an artist much easier. There are a lot of various types of wood carving tools, so you can choose from a good variety of them and pick the right tool for the job at hand.

Things To Consider When Choosing Wood Carving Tools

If you’re looking into buying some wood carving tools, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind as you decide which ones to buy. Here are a few qualities that you’ll want to think about:


The quality of the wood carving tools will be one of the most important considerations that you’ll make. If a particular set of carving tools is made from lesser quality material, it might break apart or even break your workpiece as you’re using it. Quality wood carving tools will not only last longer, but they’ll also be easier to use and can give you much better results from your carvings.


The size of the wood carving tools is also something that you’ll want to consider. You want to make sure that the tool you pick is the right one for your project and looks appropriate when used. If you get a set of wood carving tools that aren’t quite the right size, then you might have trouble shaping them or using them in a way that will make a smooth edge or an excellent cut.

Sweep And Width

The sweep of the tool, which is how wide it is, will determine how rough or fine the device can be used to create the edges on your workpiece. If you don’t want to use an extensive tool, you’ll want to consider other factors about your project that will influence the size of the tool you should buy. If you’re working on a delicate piece of wood where light scratches might be noticeable, then you’ll want to think about purchasing a more precise tool.


It’s also important that you think about the durability of your choice of wood carving tools because you don’t want to purchase a new set of carving tools after just a few uses. If your tool is made from a lesser material and it gets damaged easily, then you’re going to have to replace it after its first time serving as your cutting tool.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to get your first wood carving tools, the best way to choose them is to do some research. You’ll want to look at the different types of wood carving tools available and consider all of their benefits.

Choosing the right tools could be one of your biggest challenges, but with some careful consideration, you should be able to find just the right set that will allow you to get great results every single time you use it.


What Are The Two Main Tools Used For Wood Carving?

There are two main tools used for wood carving. They are the gouges and chisels. The first tool is a sizeable bar-shaped gouge made of metal or wood, with flat sides on both ends that are usually grooved to hold water or sandpaper. The second tool is a small bar-shaped chisel with a round point and straight sides that typically curve inwards toward the handle.

What Does A Beginner Wood Carver Need?

Beginners in wood carving don’t necessarily need to purchase a complete set of tools. The other engraving tools are up to you as long as you have a sharp knife or chisel. A beginner could learn on their own with just one tool. Many woodcarvers buy different tools when they need them. Sometimes this means buying 3-4 different tools when starting one project, but it’s often the best way to find what works for you.

What Are The Sweep Numbers Of Wood Carving Tools?

The sweep number is the width of the cut. The higher the number, the wider a cut it will make. Most wood carving tools are cut in very small numbers, like 15 or 16, which will make it easier to make smaller cuts.

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