How To Dry Wood Fast

| Last modified on January 5th, 2022

Wood is very important in furniture and building because it is a natural material that can not be replicated. Drying wood will make it easier to work with and a lot less fragile. Wood needs to be dried if you plan to use it for fuel for a fire, and if you plan on using the wood for furniture or building, it needs to be dried beforehand. This is a guide on how to dry wood fast for different purposes.

How To Dry Wood Fast Guide

Why Should You Dry Wood

Drying wood is important to keep the wood in good condition and keep it from deteriorating. Wood deteriorates when it’s not being used or if it’s exposed to moisture. A lot of timber deteriorates due to just sitting around not being used. Moisture also makes it rot faster. Wood will dry quickly in a shed or outside on a porch, but if you want to dry your wood as fast as possible without damaging your pieces, place them in an airy environment.

Different Wood Drying Methods

The different ways to dry wood will vary depending on what you’re using the wood for and how you intend to use it.

Air Drying

Air drying wood is the easiest way to dry wood, and it’s most effective when done in a large space with a lot of air circulation. Air drying wood keeps the moisture out by keeping the air moving, so there is always an oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange.

Air Drying

If you are going to air dry your wood, make sure that it is completely seasoned before doing so. If you don’t season your wood correctly, it can cause warping, or if the moisture content is too low, it could crack. Also, make sure that the space where you dry them has no obstructions blocking the flow of air; this will keep your pieces from decaying.

Shed Drying

Shed drying wood is similar to air drying wood, and the only difference is that instead of air moving through your piece of wood, it will be kept in a shed instead of outdoors. Which still allows it to receive the light and oxygen it needs but will keep it out of the elements. 

This drying method also works well if there isn’t much air circulation because it will help keep out the humidity and moisture found in indoor air.

Shed Drying

Kiln Drying

Kiln drying is a different way of drying wood. It’s the best way to dry wood with a lot of moisture content. You will need to invest in a kiln with proper ventilation; you will also need to season your wood before using a kiln with no air circulation. An adequately seasoned kiln can be used for interior and exterior purposes but if you are going to use one for internal purposes, make sure that the temperature of the kilns is controlled and not fluctuating.

Kiln Drying

Drying Wood For Woodworking

There are different ways to dry wood for woodworking; they all vary in price and complexity. The most common way to dry wood is to use a kiln, but the more expensive way is to invest in a drying cabinet or shed. If you are going to use a drying cabinet or shed, make sure that it has good air circulation, this will help move moisture out of the atmosphere.

You will also need to season your pieces before using them in your cabinet. Drying cabinets can be found at any home improvement store, depending on the size you choose.

Drying Wood For Furniture

There are a few ways to dry wood for furniture, some of the most common ways to dry wood is to use a kiln or a drying cabinet. If you are going to use a kiln or drying cabinet, be sure that they have good air circulation to get rid of humidity and moisture. 

You can also dry your wood for furniture by using old-school methods like allowing them out in the sun or letting them sit on racks in your home. If you choose this option, be sure that nothing else is blocking the airflow and that it stays in an area where it’s not going to get wet.

The Bottom Line

This article has explained the different ways to dry wood. If you are going to use your firewood for furniture, then use a kiln or drying cabinet depending on how well seasoned your pieces are and make sure that it’s properly ventilated. If you use the wood for a fireplace, make sure that there isn’t any moisture in the air or condensation in the room.

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How Do You Get The Moisture Out Of Wood?

You can dry wood by simply letting it sit on a sunny day. Allow it to be exposed to the sun while having another wooden piece on top that weighs down your wood as air is pulled out through the bottom of your wood. This process may take a few weeks, but eventually, the cedar will pull moisture out naturally, and you will use less energy to do so on your own without using heat.

How Fast Can You Dry Out Wood?

Drying wood quickly is an important process to revive the natural moisture levels to preserve the timber. The drying time will vary depending on the material type, thickness, and humidity of where it is located. Wood can take anywhere from weeks to months to dry.

How Do You Make Wet Wood Dry Faster

Wet wood can only be dried in the shortest amount of time when heated by a heat source. For instance, if you place wet wood on an oven rack and leave the door partially open, the heat will dry it out on the spot. Alternatively, you could put wet wood into a pellet stove or fireplace until it’s scorched with minimal energy cost to yourself. It’s important to note that this should not be done regularly as burning wet wood will release large amounts of smoke into your home or office.

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