Best Wood Chipper

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Do you have an annoying amount of tree branches lying around that need to be disposed of? Or maybe you’ve got a lot of fallen or cut-down trees on your property that needs to be processed. Regardless, a wood chipper is a perfect solution for all your wood processing needs. Keep reading to learn more about the best wood chipper, its benefits, and things to consider while choosing the best one for your needs.

Best Wood Chipper

Our Top 5 Wood Chipper

1. Best Overall: EARTHQUAKE Chipper Shredder K32

The Earthquake Chipper Shredder is a heavy-duty shredder that can offer durable and long-lasting performance. It is perfect for any contractor who has to pick up branches, stumps and logs on the site when they’re done working.

This machine can easily handle such tasks because of its large hopper capacity. Because of a powerful engine, it can power through anything you throw at it! But the Earthquake isn’t just for bark, branches, and stumps.

This machine is easy to control with a powerful gearbox that includes a high speed for chipping branches and a low speed for shredding wood. And with its heavy-duty feed opening, you can quickly stock up on wood to take through the shredder. In fact, you’ll be able to fit an entire cord of wood into it.

The Earthquake Chipper Shredder K32 is designed to fit nearly every job site – from residential to commercial settings! It even comes equipped with safety chains and foot braking, so you don’t have to worry about injuries.

2. Best Wood Chipper Under $500: Sun Joe CJ601E Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

For gardeners, woodchipping is a must. They have to clear away fallen branches and twigs now and then to maintain their yard. If you’re planning on doing some trimming in your backyard, you’ll need an electric wood chipper just like the Sun Joe CJ601E Electric Wood Chipper. 

This device may be easy to use for most people with its simple features, but it’s also powerful enough for more experienced users who are looking for the best bang-for-the-buck option out there right now.

The Sun Joe CJ601E Electric Wood Chipper is powerful enough to chop down any kind of material, including hardwood, wet hardwood, and even greens. Plus, it’s equipped with many safety features, such as a blade brake and chute brake, so you can easily manage the machine even when you’re working at a fast pace.

The Sun Joe CJ601E Electric Wood Chipper is also portable and easy to store. If you plan on transporting this machine from one place to another, just find a crate that can fit around its sides and wheels and keep it there until you’re ready to use it again.

3. Best Wood Chipper Under $1000: Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

The Landworks wood 3 in 1 chipper shredder is a great way to keep your yard neat and tidy. Wood chips are biodegradable, which means that they will break down into carbon dioxide and water. This means that you can rake up leaves, drive on them, or lay them out as mulch without losing any of these natural resources.

A Landworks wood chipper shredder is a great tool that will help the environment on a level that you cannot with simple lawn maintenance. It is easy to use and very efficient. It also lasts a long time, so you won’t have to replace them for a while.

The Landworks wood chip shredder has a rugged steel frame for maximum strength and durability. It has a powerful engine that can easily handle any kind of wood debris, and it comes with a collection bag that can hold chips. It also has an auto-reverse that prevents the engine from overheating while using it, and it includes a cutting deck with a lift gate for easy dumping. The Landworks wood chipper shredder is a great way to use up your yard.

4. Best Wood Chipper For Home Use: EFCUT C30 Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

The EFCUT C30 Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher is a great product designed for those who want to remove small branches from the garden, lawn, and landscaping. This device is very easy to use and can be done by literally anybody.

It has been designed with stainless steel blades that are rust-resistant and durable to withstand the outdoor conditions you need and last for years without problems. So if you want a wood chipper shredder mulcher that will make your job a lot easier, a quick way to do this is by going online or buying one of these products in a store.

The EFCUT C30 Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher is an excellent device that can be used to cut small branches and shrubs, and at the same time, it will also shred and mulch them. This is an excellent tool if you want to create mulch for your garden or lawn or if you want to work with your garden without any hassle.

5. Best Wood Chipper For Small Farm: SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder

The SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder is an excellent alternative for those looking for a clear-cut solution to the cutting and shredding of wood. This powerful tool will have no trouble handling any amount of wood at once, thanks to a 7HP horizontal 4-stroke single-cylinder OHV gas-powered engine.

Its three-stage shredder system makes sure that your work is done in no time flat, providing you with an efficient solution that will help speed up your workload tremendously. The product features an automatic clutch system and a high torque engine for optimal efficiency and power when in use.

But what makes this unit shine is its user-friendliness and ease of use. Its small size makes for easy maneuverability and portability, as it can be carried around the farm. Its safety features include a kill switch and a blade release lock system which ensure your safety and the protection of those around you. All in all, this product is an excellent investment for those looking for an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution to their wood cutting and shredding needs.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you make your final decision, it’s wise to carefully read about the different types of wood chippers on the market and determine which features are most important to you.

What Is A Wood Chipper?

A wood chipper is a small machine that makes short work of cutting, shredding, and grating down wood into small manageable pieces. The most common type of wood chipper is the vertical type machines that typically have front and rear rollers with a hopper in between, where all of the wood chips will exit. What type of material can be shredded with a vertical or horizontal chipper depends on what type of shape it is and the manufacturer of the device.

What Is A Wood Chipper?

Why Should You Use Wood Chipper?

A wood chipper can be a great option to dispose of branches, small tree limbs, logs, and other tree parts that could otherwise take a long time to chip down. The reason it’s a time-saver is that a wood chipper is much more efficient at grinding up the material than an axe or even a chainsaw would be.

Why Should You Use Wood Chipper?

Plus, you can set up your wood chipper in any area where you have available space and not have to worry about the mess or noise level of using power tools or even manual labor!

What Can You Put In A Wood Chipper?

The type of material you can put in a wood chipper will depend on what size it is and the make and model of the device. If you have a large tree branch or limb to chip down, for example, you’ll need a large wood chipper that can hold at least one standard truck bed, if not more.

Now, if you just need to grind up small twigs or branches that are no larger than 3/8th” in diameter, then it’s possible your small handheld garden chipper could be used to do the job.

You should also remember that a wood chipper is a machine specifically designed to work on wood material. Therefore, if you want to put non-wood material inside the chipper, such as metal or plastic, those pieces will likely jam it up and potentially be dangerous.

What To Do With Wood Chipper Chips

You can do a variety of things with wood chipper chips. They can be used as fuel for your fire, burned on the side of the fireplace, used to replace regular wood chips in the fireplace, or lined up to create a path for Christmas. You can also use the wood chipper chip as mulch for your garden or feed it into your lawn care product.

What To Do With Wood Chipper Chips

What Is The Best Wood Chipper For Home Use

The best type of wood chipper for home use will probably depend on what you want or need it for. If you’re going to shred up branches and limbs of trees or logs of wood, then you might be better off with a horizontal wood chipper. If you’re more interested in maintaining the shape of the tree branches, then you will probably be more satisfied with a vertical chipper. 

How To Use A Wood Chipper

There are two ways to use the wood chipper. One is with the included wood or branch disposal bag that comes standard on most chippers, where all of the material is fed into the hopper in one fell swoop without any further processing needed after tossing it in with your clamp on top.

How To Use A Wood Chipper

The other way is to manually feed the material into the chipper with the top of the device and then use the included auger blade attachment to chop up and process all of your wood and branches.

How To Sharpen Wood Chipper Blades

It is very important that you maintain your chipper blades and keep them in good shape to avoid accidents and ineffective work. An easy way of checking the sharpness of the blade is by simply running your hand against it and feeling for any jagged edges or burrs that may be sticking out.

How To Sharpen Wood Chipper Blades

Wood chipper blades are sharpened using their original grinding wheel. There’s no need for replacement parts or attachments until you apply the blade to wood material.

If you’re using a vertical wood chipper for home use, chances are it has a built-in sharpener. You can also sharpen your blades with wire wheels if necessary. If you want to keep your blades sharp, they will need re-sharpened regularly by an expert or maintenance person.

How Long Do Wood Chipper Blades Last

The life expectancy of your wood chipper will depend on how well you take care of it and how much you use it. However, if cared for properly, then you should expect your blades to last between 1-2 years, depending on the type of material you are shredding.

How To Change Wood Chipper Blades

To change the blade on your chipper, you will need to remove the old blade and line up the metal pins located at the bottom of the plastic housing with the holes found on top of each blade. Then just lower it into place and slide it under the metal pins until it locks in place. Be sure not to leave any metal pins sticking out when you do not scratch or damage the blades.

Wood Chipper For Tractor

The wood chipper is a great solution for wood processing when you need to get rid of branches, logs, mulch, or even small trees. The vertical chipper isn’t very efficient at handling huge amounts of material, so you might want to have one with the pile hopper attachment to allow for clearing smaller debris.

Wood Chipper For Tractor

The best type of chipper for your tractor would probably include a rotating blade auger which will let you get through larger branches without being stuck.

Wood Chipper For Garden

The wood chipper makes short work of processing garden waste such as branches, logs, and fallen trees that you want to clear away but don’t have time for manually chopping up into smaller pieces. The wood chipper will also save you time and effort as it is much more efficient than manual labor.

Wood Chipper For Garden


Are Small Wood Chippers Any Good?

The best small wood chippers are those that have a high back pressure but also have a safety clutch. The safety clutch ensures they don’t overpower the motor as they chop up the wood and suitable good for outdoor use only. It can be used to shred branches for use in composting.

Can You Put Leaves In A Wood Chipper?

The leaves will jam the wood chipper, making it difficult to operate. You’ll be much safer composting them or throwing them into your yard’s mulch pile. But there are some wood chippers available that can shred leaves with no fuss.

Can You Put Pine In A Wood Chipper?

Yes, you can. Put pine in a wood chipper. You will then be able to use the woodchips as mulch for your garden. However, keep in mind that there is not much profit one can reap from such an endeavor as the machine will clog quickly, and the wood chips will be too small to sell as anything other than mulch.

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