Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove

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A pellet stove and a wood stove are both heating sources, with the former being more modern. There are many advantages to using a wood stove over a pellet, but it depends on your needs and budget. 

Pellet Stove Vs Wood Stove

It’s hard to say which is better without knowing how you’re going to use the stove. A pellet stove will be much faster at starting up, but you’ll have to buy more expensive pellets for it. The wood stove is the better option if you already have a ton of cordwood or if firewood is available nearby. This article will compare these two heating sources by going through their heat output, emissions, garage useability, pros and cons, and price.

Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove Heat Output

A pellet stove generally produces more heat than a wood stove, but it all depends on the pellet model you get. A cheaper one will be less efficient while a more expensive one will be better. Pellet stoves are also easier to start up, whereas some wood stoves are harder to light.

Pellets are made of small hardwood pieces or sawdust, while firewood is larger and can burn slower. So with pellets, you get more heat in less time. Some of the best models use electricity to ignite pellets, so they can start heating your home almost immediately after you turn them on.

A pellet stove will always be more efficient than a wood stove at the same output. A wood stove starts with firewood, which costs pretty much the same as pellets whether you buy pellets or make it yourself.

But once you’ve used all your firewood, it’s time to start buying more. Pellets are cheap and easy to find at places like your grocery store or big box store, but there are some drawbacks like messes and disposal.

Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove Emissions

One pellet stove model could have higher emissions than a wood stove if you don’t use it correctly. A pellet stove needs to be placed in the right room to get the best performance, while all you need to do with a wood stove is place it near an exterior wall. This allows for better airflow, which will improve efficiency and cut down on emissions.

You should also keep your firebox door closed when lighting or maintaining your fire because this will send smoke out through vents instead of coming out the top of your chimney. If you leave your firebox door open while burning, you’ll get more smoke since there are no longer any restrictions on where it can go. A wood stove will do this on its own because the smoke will get pulled up the chimney by natural drafts.

Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove For Garage

Both stoves are suitable for garages since they’re both easy to use, but you’ll need to pay more for a pellet. A wood stove can save you a ton of money if you have your source of cordwood or firewood. You’ll also be able to find free firewood if you look around your town’s parks, utility companies, and other public areas.

If you don’t have any wood lying around or anywhere to get it, then a pellet stove is definitely the better choice. They’re easier to start up, and they don’t need as much attention as a wood stove does. However, it’s essential to be smart when buying pellets since cheaper ones will burn faster and emit more emissions.

Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove Pros And Cons

The main difference between these two stoves is their efficiency and their emission levels. A wood stove emits more harmful smoke, but it’s much easier to start since it doesn’t need electricity or gas to operate. However, you’re limited if you don’t have plenty of trees around because firewood is scarce and difficult to find.

Pellet stoves can be a bit challenging to use if you don’t live in a place with the right types of pellets. The Internet may not always be enough information for you, so make sure to do your research before purchasing. It can definitely be worth it for the savings, though, and the convenience factor is hard to beat.

Pellet Stove Pros

The best thing about a pellet stove is that they’re really cheap and can save you a ton of money once you start using it. They’re easy to use, and they make heating your home quick and simple. If you have a wood stove but want to start it up quickly in case of a power outage or a fire, then this is the way to go.

Pellet Stove Cons

Pellets can get expensive if you’re buying large amounts from your grocery store or the landfill, and it’s hard to find pellets for free if you look around outdoors. A pellet stove can also produce more emissions than a wood stove, but it depends on your purchase model.

Wood Stove Pros

The main benefit of a wood stove is that it’s easy to find firewood everywhere, even if you live in the city because it’s all around us. You’ll never have to buy any if you live near a forest or in an area where there are plenty of trees. This makes it much cheaper than the alternative since you’re not buying pellets for your pellet stove every month.

Wood Stove Cons

A wood stove takes a lot of maintenance and a little bit of knowledge because it has to be fed with the right type of wood. If it isn’t, it won’t burn well, and you’ll have to make adjustments. They also need to be cleaned out now and then, especially if you live in an area where the air is really dry or dusty.

Pellet Stove Vs Wood Stove – Pick The Best One For You

If you’re looking for a high-quality stove for your garage or basement, then a pellet one will probably be your best bet because it’s cheaper and more convenient than a wood stove.

The Best Wood Stove: Ashley Hearth 1,200 Sq. Ft. Pedestal Wood Burning Stove

The Ashley Hearth 1,200 Sq. Ft. Pedestal Wood Burning Stove has 68,000 BTUs and heats up to a maximum of 1,200 sq ft, which presents an efficient way to heat a residence or other building with this wood burner stove. The construction is made of fire bricks lined with long-lasting combustion efficiency that lasts for years, and the large ash pan with a brushed nickel handle cleans up easily with minimal effort needed throughout the process.

Finally, the unit itself provides an elegant look for any room by having its brushed nickel spring door handle and pedestal base for easy placement in any location around your home or business. To top it off, it accepts logs of up to 18 inches in length and burns any type of wood for over 5 hours on a continuous low setting.

What I Like

  • The large capacity provides an efficient way to heat a residence for days on end if desired.
  • It is constructed by using fire bricks, so it is guaranteed to last for many years of usage.
  • The unit is easy to clean, all you have to do is remove the ash pan, and it will not require much effort to clean up afterward.
  • The door handle and pedestal base are made of brushed nickel, which gives it a nice elegant appearance that fits anywhere in your home or business.
  • It is available for 1,200 sq ft heating capacity, so it will heat up to that range no matter what space you are using it in.

The Best Pellet Stove: Pelpro Pellet Stove, 2,500 Sq. Ft.

The Pelpro Pellet Stove, 2,500 Sq. Ft. can provide up to 2,500 sq ft of heated space and the capacity of a 130-pound hopper. This provides burning time up to 96 hours or four days between refueling.

It also provides outstanding coverage with 5-year Firebox and 1-year Electrical components for extended efficiency. The pellet stove comes in different materials, including steel, aluminum nickel-plated steel, copper coated steel with an anti-rust coating over it, stainless steel with an LED heating strip included on top of it. The stove is also EPA certified, easy to use control has automatic ignition and intuitive dial thermostat for easy, comfortable heat. This wood pellet stove provides up to 95% efficiency.

It has a removable ashpan for easy cleaning after use, and hand-holes are present with a black powder coat finish.  It comes with an extra key for the lock, free-standing legs optional for this pellet stove. The stainless steel material is lightweight and can be easily moved from place to place or room to room because it does not weigh too much.

What I Like

  • The stove works great for the cold weather, and the heat that comes from it is just enough to warm up a room or house.
  • The stove has a strong construction and does not fall apart or break even after use for an extended period.
  • The stove is lightweight and can heat a small area, possibly a garage or workshop, without trouble.
  • It has the ability to burn all types of wood pellets.
  • The stove has an excellent-looking design and a unique look that stands out from other pellet stoves.

Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove Price

A pellet stove can be pretty cheap, especially if you buy it online. It’s easy to find pellets for free or for low prices if you’ve got some cords of firewood lying around. A wood stove can also be pretty cheap just because you’ll only ever need to buy firewood once in a while.

The price also depends on the model since they all have different features, but the cheapest wood stoves tend to be around $1,000, while the most expensive ones are over $2,000 without installation costs. The cheapest pellet stove starts from $2,000 and costs up to $4,000. But again, prices can vary depending on the stove’s type, manufacturer, and other features.

The Bottom Line

A wood stove and a pellet stove aren’t too different from each other, but they’re designed for different types of people with additional needs. A pellet stove is better for someone who lives in a cold or dry area because it produces less smoke. It’s also easy to use, and it’s cheaper if you’re cutting down on your heating bill.

A wood stove is easier to maintain, but you’ll need to make sure you’ve got plenty of firewood most of the time since they can be hard to start up if it’s cold out or if they’ll run out of fuel eventually. I hope this guide gave you vast information about pellet stove vs wood stove and how to choose the best one for your needs.


Is A Pellet Stove As Good As A Wood Stove?

Pellet stoves are different than wood stoves, but they’re still very effective. Pellet stoves have fewer emissions. Wood stoves rely on their owners to cut, split, and pile up firewood. But the reality is that both pellet and wood could provide heat to your home!

Does A Pellet Stove Burn Wood?

No, it does not. A pellet stove uses pellets made of compressed sawdust, wood chips, or similar materials to burn generally at much lower temperatures than logs or wood would. This means that when running on pellets instead of logs, not only will the pellet stove run much more efficiently and use less energy in its operation, but it will also produce far less smoke and creosote buildup in the combustion chamber. 

How Long Will A 40 Lb Bag Of Wood Pellets Burn?

The answer to this question is very different depending on the make and model of a pellet stove, but in general, you should expect a 40-pound bag of pellets will provide about 24 hours of heating. If there’s a fluctuation in the outside temperature, for instance, when it’s really cold, and you want your fireplace working overtime to compensate, that will require more pellets.

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